Online therapy does not have to be scary...

Online therapy provides a convience that traditional therapy does not.  You can meet with your therapist wherever you are - home, office, car, vacation, etc.  This is particularily helpful if you do not want to be seen entering a therapist's office.

What's better than meeting with your therapist in your pajamas on your couch?

You can meet your therapist if you are out of town, which helps with being consistant.  Consistant therapy is one of the biggest contributing factors to successful therapy. 

Online therapy is delivered via a HIPAA compliant video software.  You do not have to be a 'computer whiz' to be able to use this software.  If you have a basic understanding of how to use a computer,can navigate most webpages, and have a reliable internet service -  you should be fine.  I offer a free consultation that allows us to go over everything that online therapy has to offer and discuss any concerns.  If it turns out it is not for you, I will help connect you with a therapist more suited to your needs.​

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