The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown

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Why Aren't We Awesomer? | Michael Neill

Online Counseling | Andrea Charles, LICSW

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Interested in joining a community dedicated to your mental health?

I created this page to provide resources for people who do not have access to care, who cannot afford counseling, who cannot find a therapist they click with, who have a loved one with mental illness and want to learn more, or who just want to improve what they already have going for them. 

I live in an area where resources for mental health are scarce.  People are not able to get the help they need and that is something that has never really sat well with me.   The goal, for me, is to create an environment that is lighthearted, open, and kind, but that also helps people dig deep inside and find that inner strength.

On this Facebook Page there will be some resources, but if you want to get even deeper and more meaningful content - please join our group.

Need Help Now?

Qualitiy Behavioral Health: (509) 758-3341, after hours (509) 758-4665
YWCA Crisis LIne: (800) 669-3176
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Crisis Line: (208) 799-4440
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)
LGBTTQQ Crisis Hotline: (866) 4.U.TREVOR